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    HYPER introduces a modern edge to the traditional martial arts. HYPER is a blend of all martial arts styles, acrobatics, and performance arts all in one leadership-building package. It combines all of Hollywood’s high-flying kicks and tricks with a traditional mindset.

    This program is designed to enhance the traditional base that a student starts in by taking the traditional techniques and modifying them for more speed, power, and performance. This advanced training allows students to come out of their shells, learn how to perform, and bolster creativity by allowing them to take their training to the next level.


    Dynamix Martial Arts & Fitness Centre is the only licensed and accredited school in Hinkley that teaches the  HYPER curriculum. Come in today to see if you have what it takes to become a martial arts athlete!


    The Hyper Fight Club classes mix a fusion of martial arts sparring combinations, self defense techniques and drills, plyometrics, combat sprints, sparring games, music, workshops and special events to inspire the world’s top martial arts athletes.

    The Hyper Fight Club sessions are a progressive sparring and self defense curriculum created to inspire a generation of respected fight athletes who will stand up for themselves, their family and what they believe in.

    Burn calories, tone muscles, strengthen your cardio and fill your spirit while having fun learning self defense, hitting pads, sparring and training with friends.


    Tricking is an acrobatic discipline that incorporates everything from traditional martial arts techniques from capoeria, karate, wushu, taekwondo to flips and twists from gymnastics, and style found in breakdancing. Tricking is a creative discipline of movement expressed through aesthetic combinations of dynamic acrobatics and martial arts kicks.

    Tricking originates from sport martial arts where top level martial arts athletes would try to out perform each other in competition with innovative martial arts kick tricks.